History of Innovation

Nearly a Century of Experience.
Donaldson Company was founded in 1915 when Frank Donaldson Sr. developed a simple air cleaner to solve a farmer's tractor problems. In the late 1920s, crop fires caused by engine sparks fueled our diversification into exhaust products. Success and innovation in agricultural equipment led directly to opportunities in the construction and mining markets and later to the over-the-road truck market.


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First-ever air cleaner invented by Frank Donaldson


First closed crankcase ventilation system (pollution control device) invented for cars
Patent issued for oil-washed air cleaner


Innovative dry-type air cleaner and filter
First Donaldson exhaust manufacturing facility opened


Introduced mufflers with integrated ejectors


Mobile hydraulic low pressure filters manufactured
SealClamp™ band-style exhaust clamp Developed Self Cleaning Air Filter (SCAF)


Donaldson Pioneered Ultrra_Web® Nanofiber Filtration Technology
Revolutionary Duramax® mid-pressure hydraulic spin-on
Synteq™ filter media developed for lube and hydraulic
Produced engine liquid filters
Innovative RadialSeal™ sealing technology
Pleatloc™ media spacing invented
Mufflers designed to meet U.S. EPA truck noise regulations
Active DPF system for transit bus verified
Fuel filter production began in South Africa


Ultra-Web® Nanofiber Filtration Technology first used in engine filtration products
Donadson Endurance™ extended service filters introduced
Pulse Jet Air Cleaner (PJAC™) applied on M1 Abrams tank
Donaldson pioneers the design of the integrated catalytic converter muffler
Silent Partner™ first muffler to effectively reduce engine brake noise
Donaldson PowerCore® Filtration Technology developed
Engine liquid filter and mobile hydraulics production expanded globally


Ground-breaking PowerCore® G2 Filtration Technology introduced
Spiracle™ crankcase filtration introduced to eliminate emissions from open crankcase
Synteq XP™ filter media launched in next generation Duramax® and Spiracle™ crankcase systems
Synteq™ fuel filter media first and second generation
Emissions compliant lube and fuel technologies
T.R.A.P.™ filtration technology for hydraulic reservoirs
First to verify patented tailpipe and crankcase solutions with CARB and EPA
DPF cleaning system and DMF muffler launch for the emissions retrofit market
Introduced PJAC™ Ultra®

2010 & beyond

Synteq™ XP Media improves Donaldson Endurance™ extended life fuel filters

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